How much do you know about the 'Taj', let's test. (tajmahal quiz, taj mahal quiz)

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(1) Why did the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan commission the building of the Taj Mahal in 1631?

  • A. To illustrate the wealth of his dynasty
  • B. To house the tomb of his favourite wife
  • C. To house his own tomb
  • D. For people to live in
(b) To house the tomb of his favourite wife

(2) In which Indian city will you find the Taj Mahal?

  • A. Agra
  • B. New Dehli
  • C. Jaipur
  • D. Meerut
(a) Agra

(3) Who was the last US president to visit the Taj Mahal?

  • A. Donald Trump
  • B. George W Bush
  • C. Barack Obama
  • D. Joe Biden
(a) Donald Trump

(4) Which James Bond film featured the Taj Mahal?

  • A. Octopussy
  • B. Live and Let Die
  • C. Moonraker
  • D. No Time to Die
(a) Octopussy

(5) How many years did the Taj Mahal take to build?

  • A. 12
  • B. 22
  • C. 32
  • D. 17
(b) 22
Description- The work to build the Tajmahal started in 1632 and it took 22 years to build the 'Taj mahal'.
It cost 32 million rupees at that time and almost 20000 labourers helped to build the Taj mahal.

(6) Why is the Taj Mahal's iconic white marble said to be turning yellow?

  • A. Natural ageing process
  • B. Air Pollution
  • C. Carbon-di-oxide and Helium
  • D. Global warming
(b) Air Pollution

(7) A full-scale replica of the Taj Mahal has been built in which country?

  • A. Bangladesh
  • B. United Arab Emirates
  • C. Sri Lanka
  • D. Mauritius
(a) Bangladesh

(8) When was the construction of Taj Mahal completed?

  • A. 1631
  • B. 1653
  • C. 1661
  • D. 1642
(b) 1653

(9) How many artisans were employed to build the Taj Mahal?

  • A. 12000
  • B. 15000
  • C. 17000
  • D. 20000
(d) 20000

(10) What is the estimated cost of building the Taj Mahal in today's currency?

  • A. $500 million
  • B. $1 million
  • C. $1 billion
  • D. $4 billion
(b) $1 million
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