Current Affairs for the second week of June, 2024. Here in this quiz, you can attempt and learn questions without wasting any time.

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(1) Which airline's CEO has taken on the role of the Chair of the International Air Transport Association Board of Governors??

  • A. IndiGo
  • B. Air India
  • C. Vistara
  • D. Go First
(a) IndiGo

(2) Who broke his own 'Guinness World Record' for a 3rd time as he achieved the title of 'fastest time to type the alphabet with the nose'?

  • A. Arnav Daga
  • B. Ajay Awasthi
  • C. Vispy Kharadi
  • D. Vinod Kumar Chaudhary
(d) Vinod Kumar Chaudhary

(3) Which singer set a record for holding the most Diamond certified songs by a female singer artist, as recognised by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)?

  • A. Taylor Swift
  • B. Lady Gaga
  • C. Rihanna
  • D. Billie Eilish
(c) Rihanna

(4) Which Indian chess prodigy (player) triumphed over World No. 2 - 'Fabiano Caruana' in the Norway Chess tournament?

  • A. Gukesh D
  • B. Viswanathan Anand
  • C. R Praggnanandhaa
  • D. R Vaishali
(c) R Praggnanandhaa

(5) Who did the Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party appoint as its national working president?

  • A. Rajiv Jha
  • B. P. C. Chacko
  • C. Supriya Sule
  • D. None Of Them
(b) P. C. Chacko

(6) Hyderabad city recently became the exclusive capital of which southern state?

  • A. Telangana
  • B. Karnataka
  • C. Andhra Prades
  • D. Tamilnadu
(a) Telangana

(7) Which javelin thrower won the 'Gold' at the Taiwan Open with a throw of 81.58 metres?

  • A. D. P. Manu
  • B. Shivpal Singh
  • C. Neeraj Chopra
  • D. None of them
(a) D. P. Manu

(8) Which party won this year's assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh?

  • A. Indian National Congress
  • B. People's Party of Arunachal
  • C. Bharatiya Janata Party
  • D. Aam Aadmi Party
(c) Bharatiya Janata Party

(9) Who became the first male Indian boxer to qualify for the Paris Olympics?

  • A. Sachin Siwach
  • B. Amit Panghal
  • C. Nishant Dev
  • D. None of them
(c) Nishant Dev

(10) Which beauty retailer has employed AI tools to recommend perfumes and cosmetics?

  • A. Tira
  • B. Nykaa
  • C. Sugar
  • D. MyGlamm
(a) Tira
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