India-Zimbabwe Joint Trade Committee (JTC) Session III: Key Highlights

India-Zimbabwe Joint Trade Committee (JTC) Session III: Key Highlights

1. Date and Venue:

  • The session occurred in New Delhi from May 13th to May 14th, 2024.

2. Co-Chairpersons:

  • Ms. Priya P. Nair, Economic Adviser, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
  • Ms. Rudo. M. Faranisi, Chief Director, Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

3. Delegation:

  • Over 15 delegates from relevant ministries of Zimbabwe, led by Mr. Peter Hobwani, Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of Zimbabwe.

4. Atmosphere and Objectives:

  • Cordial and forward-looking atmosphere.
  • Enthusiasm towards enhancing cooperation, addressing pending issues, boosting trade and investment, and fostering greater people-to-people contacts.

5. Bilateral Trade Review:

  • Recognition of vast potential between the two countries.
  • Agreement to make concerted efforts towards enhancing bilateral trade.

6. Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs):

  • Exploration of MoUs in various sectors including digital transformation solutions, tele-medicines, rough diamonds, fast payment systems, and traditional medicine.

7. Identified Areas of Focus for Cooperation:

  • Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, machinery, vehicles, renewable energy, textiles, etc.

8. Collaboration Enhancement:

  • Agreement on closer collaboration between Investment Promotion Agencies and Chambers of Commerce of both sides.

9. Conclusion:

  • The session exemplified a forward-looking and collaborative spirit, indicative of the amicable and special relations between India and Zimbabwe.