Types of Unemployment in India

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In our country India, there are many types of unemployment in India, people are not getting jobs in their fields or domain and there are some types of jobs people are not eligible to get jobs. Let's understand what are the types of unemployment in India :-

Disguised: It is a phenomenon wherein more people are employed than actually needed.

Seasonal : It is unemployment that occurs during certain seasons of the year.

Structural: It is a category of unemployment arising from the mismatch between the jobs available in the market and the skills of the available workers in the market.

Cyclical: It is a result of the business cycle, where unemployment rises during recessions and declines with economic growth.

Technological: It is the loss of jobs due to changes in technology.

Frictional: Frictional Unemployment is also called as 'Search Unemployment', it refers to the time lag between the jobs when an individual is searching for a new job or is switching between the jobs.

Vulnerable: This means, people, working informally, without proper job contracts and thus sans any legal protection.